Animation / Video Editing

Below are several examples of my work in animation and video editing. I’ve used my skills in Adobe Creative Cloud Apps, Apple Motion, and Final Cut Pro to produce these packages. Feel free to inquire about commissions — whether they are full videos or smaller graphical elements like lower-thirds or logo animations — here!

To create this video, I attended a rehearsal to capture behind-the-scenes interviews and scenes featuring the two actors and the director of Theater J’s production of Tuesdays with Morrie by Jeffrey Hatcher and Mitch Albom. After a one-week turnaround, this mini-documentary was released along with a shorter, one-minute version, to entice audiences as we approached the opening. The titles were created and animated based on brand guidelines and preexisting show artwork.

I worked with John Immerwahr to create a custom intro and title cards for this video on artist Jasper Johns. This video also required some fine-tuned background keying so we could create a seamless look, incorporating live video into some of the first few slides.
This graphic was based off of the logo for the “30 Years: Strength to Strength” campaign. I created an HD-version of the logo using the image as a guide in order to animate each element individually. The project was created using Apple Motion.
I created this animation using a reference photo of a modern home and recreating it in Adobe Illustrator. Taking that vector art, I worked with it in Adobe After Effects to produce what you see here, fine-tuning all animation with the graph editor.
This video contains some of the smaller graphical elements I’ve created for various projects: lower thirds, transitions, and brief text animations. All of these were created from scratch, using Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, Illustrator, and Apple Motion.
I served as the video editor and graphic designer for this short documentary, on the rise of the religious right in the US political system.
The video was edited together using Final Cut Pro, and all graphical elements were made using Adobe After Effects.
Theater J started their “30 Years: Strength to Strength” campaign once it became evident that COVID-19 was continuing to impact their 2019-2020 season, and so the team decided a video would be the best way to announce it, as well as to show off the season artwork for the upcoming 2020-2021 season productions.
I was responsible for producing the remote video shoots with Theater J’s Artistic and Managing Directors, incorporating all graphical elements, providing subtitles to make the video more accessible, and delivering the final product as an embeddable video. All graphical elements were created using the branding of the Edlavitch DC Jewish Community Center as inspiration.
The video was edited together using Final Cut Pro, and all graphical elements were made using Apple Motion.